Ways to have spontaneous sex

After a couple of years of living together, sex can become more of a chore or a routine. For your relationship to be thriving, you need to spice up things in the bedroom. Routines can be boring and in this case, could end a loving relationship between you and your partner. Spontaneity can do a lot when it comes to saving your sex life. 

Here are some spontaneous ways to have sex and save your relationship

Don’t plan the sex

 When it comes to sex and relationships, both men and women want the same things from their partners; communication, pleasure and spontaneity. After a while of planning meetings and sexual encounters, it gets really boring. This is one of the worst things that could happen to you and your partners. Quit planning your sexual encounters with your partner to make them more exciting and spontaneous.

If you want to be more spontaneous as a couple, you need to drop all the schedules. Stop thinking about the when, where and how you are going to have sex with your partner.

Spontaneous events are usually better and more fun especially when you have been around each other for years, sometimes; all you have to do is show up and get right into it.  For instance, you could show up early during dinner night and have some steaming living room sex before you actually get to the date.

Surprise each other

One of the biggest thrills about spontaneous sex is the mystery behind it. For instance, you could show up in your partner’s workplace during lunch hours for some hot steaming sex, or hip in during their morning shower for the same. You need to do something that they may never see coming. I have to admit, this takes a little bit of planning on your side but the benefits/end results are so worth it.

Have sex in a public location

Breaking the law is 10 times as fun when you are doing it to have spontaneous sex with your partner.  All you have to do is find a hidden public spot where you and your partner can have a little fun. Public places also include your car, when you are both driving home from a long day of work or in the trees during an evening hike.

Play hard to get

Another way to get spontaneous in bed is to play hard to get, especially when your partner is looking to have straight up fun. Say no, but in a simple and sexy way, excuse yourself to another room then surprise them with a special costume or role-play later on.

Wake them up in the middle of the night

There is nothing more spontaneous and sexy than interrupting your partner from sleep especially when you can no longer control your feelings. One thing you need to keep in mind is your partner’s moods and their reactions when they are woken up. If you are dealing with a cranky person, then it s best not to try this as it will be more upsetting than pleasing.  If this is the case, you should try waking them up a couple of meetings before their alarm in the morning.

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