Freaky sex tips that really work

A boring sex life can ruin even the perfect relationship. Sex is about having fun and pleasure but if you keep it in the same spot and same position every day, you are bound to make it boring eventually.  For a better relationship, you need to spice u your sex life.

Here are some freaky sex tips that will work in spicing up your bedroom

Having sex in the wardrobe

There is nothing wrong with being reserved and wanting it on your bed alone, but that could ruin the perfect relationship.  I get it, why go to a cramped space in the wardrobe or close when you could do it in your perfectly comfortable bed? It gives you and your partner the chance to try new angles and positions.

Having sex anywhere else forces you and your partner to become more innovative and experience sex in a different way, which can be exiting.  The more locations and techniques you try, the better you get to enjoy sex and the stronger the bond between you two will grow. Try new places in the house every now and then to make it more exciting and freaky.

Try kissing upside down

While this sounds childish and a waste of time, I assure you it is not. Kissing upright may work for you and your partner, but it will not hurt to try something new.  What most people don’t comprehend is that couples spend every day kissing each other and this can get ordinary fast. You’d be surprised how kissing each other upside down might stimulate a different feeling; one you are not used to.

Sucking toes

While this idea may sound disgusting to many, it is actually a great way to get your freak on. When done the right way, sucking toes can be pretty arousing and sexy.  If you want to know whether toes work for you, all you need to do is try it and see how it feels.

While feet are not the sexiest body parts for most, they work for many others. Feet tend to have sensitivity to the touch. For newbies, you can start with a simple foot massage and work your way to other stuff like sucking and licking when you feel comfortable. You would be surprised how the feet can cause major sexual arousal for you both.

Try synchronised breathing

Breathing is extremely sexy and arousing, especially when in close proximity. Studies show that inextricable breathing can cause arousal or even orgasms for many people.  Synchronising your breathing with your partner’s can make a kissing session better and turn it into some steaming sex. The first step is to focus on your own breathing, allows your partner to catch their breath and then focus on synchronising both.

The no touching game

This is probably one of the sexiest games a couple can play in the bedroom. This technique can get you aroused for sex without even trying. All you need to do is get naked and explore each other’s bodies without touching and things will play out on their own from then.

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