Who are we?

Dormroom sex is a free resource blog that was created with the aim of getting sexual awareness to people and couples all across the globe. Our main focus is sex education and sexual liberation for people, regardless of age and gender.

Who created dormroomsex.us and why?

One of the biggest issues many of us have had as young adults is understanding sex, our desires and everything in between. Dormoomsex.us was created by a team of individuals who are passionate about changing the world perspective about sex and sexual encounters.

We value sex because it is an important part of being human and also play an important role in any relationship. When created dormroomsex.us, our main goal was to reach as many people as we can and educate them about sex.

This is a free space where anyone and everyone can learn something new about sex. If you do not have a happy, healthy and romantically fulfilling relationship, you will find this blog very useful. Sex is great but can be frustrating when everything does not feel right.

This website can help you understand sex more and solve your issues while also learning about new topics every day. This is the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to learn something new and reignite your desired and helping you keep the bond between you guys tight.

The main topics covered and ones you can expect to see on the website include sex health, sexual desires, preferences and fetishes, new secrets, sex facts and more.

Editorial guidelines

At dormroomsex.us, we work with a team of professionals who are passionate about spreading sex education and helping couples improve their sex lives. You can trust our team to provide you with current, non-biased information on sex. Working with a team of professionals ensures we provide the reader with well researched, well thought out content on the subject. We value communication with our readers; which is why we are always ready to rely to any comments or emails from you!